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So this is my attempt at having fun with GEM.

I opened the first image tutorial patch and then added objects that looked interesting from the manual or opened other tutorial patches and copy and pasted a few objects. Admittedly, I did not remember to document the other patches I opened. My end patch is just a soup of a couple of the different tutorial patches.

I started out by just messing with a picture and getting a grasp on how translate and rotate affect it. This was pretty simple and not really THAT exciting so I moved on…

Here I have figured out how to load a 3D object to mess around with. I managed to get my hands on a duck! Nothing gets more exciting than messing with a 3D duck model. So I applied a random image to it as a texture to see how it wraps the object. I continued to mess around with rotate and translate to see how they affect a 3D object.

I realized I was missing out on a whole assortment of objects in the pix library. So I put the kaleidoscope to work on my image. As I was doing this I slowly grew tired of moving my little 3D object around by hand, so I started doing some simple animations with line and metro objects. This quickly brought my patch to life.

There isn't much interesting about this picture because I felt I was nearing completion. I added some automation to the kaleidoscope variables. So I took a final picture and began to shuffle around some files to zip up everything and email it to Dr. Carl. Little did I know that I would run into one small problem.

When I closed PD and reopened my file to make sure it worked I realized that my gemwindow_control was not there. Because I had saved the file somewhere else I was no longer directly connected to that patch. However, I did not realize that it needed to be in the same directory. So after a good bit of messing around I figured out what needed to be done.

Here is the final product. Nothing too exciting. It was a good way to get my feet wet with GEM. It may not be as majestic as JJ's is, but it DOES have a shopping cart 3D object.

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