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Oral Comp Topic Assignment

Most if not all of these topics can be found in the Algorithms textbook (including alternative textbooks you can get from us or the library). Links below are from Wikipedia but this cannot be your primary source! You must find a primary and at least one other secondary source as well. Check the pages linked in the Reference and External Links sections.

Topic Assignments
Eddie Chan B-tree
Liam Corley <del>Red-Black Trees</del>
Jenn Echavarria Ternary Search Trees
Latoya McIntyre BSP Trees
Owen Pearson <del>Tries</del>
Charles Stehno <del>Tries</del>
Cordell Vannier Tries
Harry Zhou Splay Trees

Here are the rules for this year's oral comp:

  1. Prepare a 30-minute class presentation on the topic to be presented during comp period 2.
  2. Lead a technical discussion on the topic, covering the key points of design and representation, implementation, and areas of application. Comparison to similar data structures previously studied or applications covered in your coursework is a must.
  3. Develop your own examples of use and applicability for the algorithm or data structure. Regurgitating text/examples found in books or Wikipedia is strongly discouraged!
  4. PowerPoint is also strongly discouraged! We want you to be able to work with (and possibly fix ;^) your examples.
  5. A period of question and answer will follow the 30-minute presentation.

You are responsible for:

  1. scheduling the presentation at a time when both professors can be in attendance
  2. securing and reserving a room (WL 136 and possibly 119 should be available)
  3. optionally providing notes to the attendees
  4. bringing any questions or concerns to a faculty member before the presentation, to ensure you do a good job
  5. practice with friends!
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