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Exit Interview Questions for Graduating Seniors

Last update: June 2015

  1. What course(s) in your program of study (CS, Math, breadth) did you find most challenging in your program of study?
  2. Which was your favorite of the Core courses (CS 157, 257, 270, 320, 428) and why?
  3. Which was your favorite of the Elective courses and why?
  4. Which was your least favorite course? Explain.
  5. If you could have taken any elective course (whether offered or not) or independent study subject, what would it have been?
  6. How might we better support the following:
    1. CS learning
    2. sense of community among students in CS courses
    3. finding summer positions/internships
    4. preparation for careers
  7. What is your biggest concern for the CS program?
  8. What internships / summer jobs did you have while a student? How did you find the position?
  9. What plans for after grad…
  10. Anything else you'd like to bring to our attention or comment on?
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