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The Setup

You have a composition device. It's an iPhone! You're generating musical ideas on it, and somebody else with another instance of the app running on it comes into range. The devices negotiate a bit, then begin composing together. They can then play the resulting composition together, in what? harmony? counterpoint? dissonance? call and respond, echo, fripp/summers pre-emptive guitar strikes?

All of the above.

The Funding

Go to the source. I need to know if this can go into a CPATH, because it's a bit much for a CCLI, especially since it doesn't seem amenable to classroom instruction. In CS, that is…CPATH seems most interested in interdisciplinary shtuff

The Steps to Fulfillment

  • Learn Apple SDK.
  • Learn algorithmic comp techniques. Dang, I need Lisp!
  • Write up experiences with algae:comp techniques here
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