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The Digital Media Home Page

  • donato dozzy “plays bee mask” double long playing record set
  • rashad becker “traditional music of notional species vol. i” long playing record
  • valeri cosi “heavy electronic pacific rock”
  • CPU “can you compute?” and the cassette (See page)
  • stephan mathieu “to describe george washington bridge” only $6.76! crap can't find it now. But the ref'd webpage holds many wonders!
  • Courtis “hidden in your DNA” i’ve been nothing but blown away by alan/anla courtis’ post-reynols solo work, and here we have a shining example of just what this guy is capable of when given room to stretch out
  • brenden murray “commonwealth” compact disc
  • tim hecker “ravedeath, 1972”

Second Tier

And now for something completely different:

Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in E-flat major, op. 74 “The Harp” Emerson String Quartet DG 447 078-2

G. F. Handel Suite from Music for the Royal Fireworks The Canadian Brass RCA Victor 09026-68257-2

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