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Notes From Elsewhere

Doesn’t anybody read history anymore? In the past these record winter blizzards in the Northern Hemisphere occurred during cold periods associated with low sunspot activity and/or the aftermath of large volcanos. (e.g.Tambora 1813, ?Rabaul 535, Pinatubo 1993). The hallmarks of the Sporer, Maunder and Dalton Minima was failure of the monsoons in the Orient and the cold, wet weather in Europe. In the US Great Plains and Intermountain West the double whammy of summer drouth and severe blizzards clustered around low sunspot activity 1798-1832 (Dalton minimum), 1860’s, 1890’s, 1910’s, 1930’s and most recently during the 1960’s and early 70’s when the media and alarmist scientists were screaming about a coming ice age. In the Intermountain West and Great Plains we are in our third year of shortened growing seasons and colder winters. How many years of blizzards will it take before the “warmists” catch on that the correlation between weather trends is with the PDO, AMO and solar activity, not with CO2?

– Suzanne, commenting on

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