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Important: This project is funded by the Center for Teaching and we are responsible for producing a narrative of the project as a way of accounting for our funding. My expectation is that the structure of the wiki will allow us to document what we are doing as we go. See Reporting below.


  1. Download and study the Processing programming environment: Processing 1.0 (BETA)
  2. Outfit the Linux computer with the following:
    1. Delta 1010LT (Sound hardware)
    2. 64 Studio Linux distro: 64 Studio - Trac
    3. Fedora Core 4 (x86 version)
  3. Install software from the Multimedia Approach texts

Project Development

  1. Try out Multimedia Approach Java digital image manipulation examples in Processing
  2. Set up MIDI-enabled audio software in Linux
  3. Attempt to install JMusic library for use in Processing. Note: if this doesn't work, try Etude next
  4. Try out Multimedia Approach Java digital audio / MIDI examples in Processing


  1. Specific tasks are listed in the TODO section
  2. Report completion and any issues/questions as a link from the item in TODO
  3. In some cases we'll need to post example code on the CS 276 Wiki
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