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Collaborative Projects with Ico Bukvic on L2Ork

L2Ork is the Linux Laptop Orchestra, a student ensemble developed at Virginia Tech by Ico Bukvic using pd-l2ork, a version of Pure Data with extensions to support the mission of L2Ork, specifically its interaction via HCI devices and simplified (icon-enriched) interface for use in K-12 outreach.

Upon meeting Ico Bukvic in May 2011 at the SGICSE Music in Computing Education Workshop, Wake Forest University, I have been seeking ways to contribute to the development of the pd-l2ork software and learn more about the technological and educational benefits of establishing a laptop orchestra. In April 2013 I was awarded an internal grant to support three weeks of residency at Virginia Tech to work with Ico directly and get immersed in pd-l2ork development. I expect the following outcomes from this research residency:

  • a better understanding of developing signal processing software on the Linux platform
  • establishment of a long-term collaborative effort with Virginia Tech, which can serve as a source of undergraduate research projects
  • evaluate whether Sewanee CS students can contribute to the continued development of pd-l2ork
  • create a vision for an electronic music ensemble at Sewanee



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