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Hacking pd-l2ock - Timeline

Monday, May 20th. Installed Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Lucid) on CSRL HP ProBook 4520s. Installed pd-l2ork and tested but no sound, though system audio clearly works.

Tuesday, May 21st. Right-click issue leads to installation of 10.04 upgrades. Nothing solved the problem, but I did find a configuration file which may have parameters that fix the issue (clickpad implementation is tricky - see ArchLinux and Ubuntu forums). Workaround turns out to be very easy - just installed a USB mouse.

Upgrade removed a number of “obsolete” packages crucial to pd-l2ork's operation. Reinstallation went without a hitch, thanks to detailed install instructions on the DISIS website. The audio issue turns out to be a mismatch with the Linux audio server systems. Worked out the proper pd-l2ork command line for interaction with the JACK audio server (AND AS ALWAYS! start JACK up first).

We have audio! We have external mic access via [adc~] and we may have webcam video (installed Processing with GSVideo but something is flaky…v2.0?). Patches tried: [discrete_summation] and [discrete_summation_bandlimited] plus some internal mic tests.

Wednesday, May 22nd. Created a tasklist (see here) and this wiki entry. Began with algocomp externals; several key objects are missing.

Tour day; spent some time in the DISIS lab, recording studio, and classroom space. Up to 8 workstations with patchbays, Edirol mixer/processor, etc. capable of targeting up to 7 channels for each of 7 speakers arranged on the walls around the room.

Thursday, May 23rd. Continuing with evaluating externals. First task is to figure out why algocomp mix and ifs (etc) objects are MIA.

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