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Bugs and Things

12/17: Cannot use the web browser on the new master node even though it is connected to the ethernet.

12/21: In the Progress Log it was reported that /mnt/nfs,sync,no_subtree_check) caused a problem. If I'm reading that correctly, you're trying to enter /mnt/nfs as a command in the Terminal, but that's not what this section says to do:

Modify the /etc/exports file to include the following lines:

So you need to use the editor to add these lines to the file /etc/exports. Since this file requires root permission, use sudo, as in:

sudo nano /etc/exports

What is unclear to me is if this change is specifically for the master node or all nodes.

12/25: The above worked, and the change is done on the master node only. However, when I tried to mount the HD on the worker node following the instruction, the terminal showed me mount.nfs: Connection timed out.

spc: I'll need to look at the hardware configuration and do some testing, probably not until Monday (1/4/2021). I looked through several sources (using the Google search “mount.nfs connection timed out raspberry pi”) but didn't find a situation that quite matched ours.

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