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Summer 2022 SURF Research Project - Jack Li

Distributed Computing on SBC (Single Board Computer) Clusters

This project builds on the Winter 2020-2021 Research Project.


Our initial goal is to rebuild our Raspberry Pi cluster for experimenting with parallel processing methods, using RPi Model 3 and 4 units sharing a hard drive using NFS. Should more Pi units come available, we will build a second cluster and possibly a rack-mount system.

We will next validate the cluster by building and running the MPI examples used in the Winter 2020-2021 project and others provided by the CSinParallel project. When complete, we will install and experiment with one or more alternative distributed processing systems, such as Rust, Erlang, or Elixir.

The final goal of this research internship, depending on available time and resources, we will attempt to build or access an NVIDIA cluster and use it for Machine Learning experiments using Keras/TensorFlow.


Cluster Resources

Jetson Resources

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