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This is a list of all pdp objects and abstractions with a minimal description. For more information, see the PDP Overview

Take a look at the patches in the doc/ directory for more info. 
(Messy doc & test patches can be found in the test/ directory.)

general purpose pdp modules:

pdp_del		a packet delay line
pdp_reg		a packet register
pdp_snap	takes a snapshot of a packet stream
pdp_trigger	similar to pd's trigger object
pdp_route	routes a packet to a specific outlet
pdp_loop	a packet loop sampler (packet array)
pdp_description	output a symbol describing the packet type
pdp_convert	convert between packet types
pdp_metro~	audio/video sync object

image inputs/outputs:

pdp_xv		displays images using the xvideo extension
pdp_glx		displays images using opengl
pdp_v4l		reads images from a video4linux device
pdp_qt		reads quicktime movies
pdp_rawin	read packets from pipe or file
pdp_rawout	write packets to pipe or file
pdp_rawout~	write audio to pipe or file

image processors:

pdp_abs		absolute value
pdp_add		adds two images
pdp_and		bitwize and
pdp_bitdepth	set bit depth
pdp_bitmask	apply a bit mask
pdp_bq		spatial biquad filter
pdp_bqt		temporal biquad filter
pdp_cog		gaussian blob estimator
pdp_constant	fills an image with a constant
pdp_conv	horizontal/vertical seperable convolution filter
pdp_cheby	chebyshev color shaper
pdp_chrot	rotates the chroma components
pdp_flip_lr	flip left <-> right
pdp_flip_tb	flip top <-> bottom
pdp_grey	converts an image to greyscale
pdp_grey2mask	converts a greyscale image to an image mask
pdp_hthresh	hard thresholding
pdp_mul		multiplies two images
pdp_mix		crossfade between 2 images
pdp_mix2	mixes 2 images after applying a gain to each of them
pdp_noise	a noise generator
pdp_not		bitwize not
pdp_or		bitwize or
pdp_plasma	plasma generator
pdp_pointcloud	convert an image to a point cloud
pdp_positive	sign function that creates a bitmask
pdp_randmix	crossfades 2 images by taking random pixels
pdp_rotate	tiled rotate
pdp_scale	rescale an image
pdp_sign	sign function
pdp_sthresh	soft thresholding
pdp_zoom	tiled zoom
pdp_zrot	tiled zoom + rotate
pdp_zthresh	zero threshold (x<0 -> 0)
pdp_xor		bitwize xor

dsp objects

pdp_scope~	a very simple oscilloscope
pdp_scan~	phase input scanned synthesis oscillator
pdp_scanxy~	x,y coordinate input scanned synthesis oscillator

utility abstractions

pdp_pps			computes the packet rate in packets/sec

image abstractions

pdp_affine		scale (gain) + offset
pdp_agc			automatic gain control (intensity maximizer)
pdp_alledge		an all edge detector
pdp_blur		blurs an image
pdp_blur_hor		horizontal blur
pdp_blur_ver		vertical blur
pdp_contrast		contrast enhancement
pdp_conv_alledge	edge detector
pdp_conv_emboss		emboss effect
pdp_conv_smooth		smoothing
pdp_conv_sobel_hor	horizontal sobel edge detector
pdp_conv_sobel_ver	vertical sobel edge detector
pdp_conv_sobel_edge	sum of squares of hor and ver edge detector
pdp_dither		a dither effect
pdp_gain3		independent channel gains
pdp_gradient		grayscale to colour gradient conversion
pdp_grey		convert image to greyscale
pdp_invert		invert video
pdp_motion_blur		blurs motion
pdp_motion_fade		motion triggered fade out
pdp_motion_phase	phase shifts motion
pdp_offset		add an offset to an image
pdp_phase		applies an allpass filter to an image
pdp_phase_hor		horizontal allpass
pdp_phase_ver		vertical allpass
pdp_png_to		convert a png file (on disk) to a certain packet type
pdp_qt_control		movie file controller (different play modes)
pdp_qtloop~		varispeed (interpolated) looper
pdp_qtloop2~		same, but depends on tabreadmix~ from creb
pdp_saturation		change colour saturation
pdp_save_png_sequence	save png sequence in /tmp dir
pdp_sub			subtract 2 images
pdp_invert		inverse video
pdp_tag			tag a packet (to use it with route)
pdp_xv_keycursor	a keyboard/mouse controller using pdp_xv

matrix processors

pdp_m_mv		matrix vector multiply
pdp_m_mm		matrix matrix multiply
pdp_m_+=mm		matrix matrix multiply add
pdp_m_LU		compute LU decomposition
pdp_m_LU_inverse	compute matrix inverse from LU decomp
pdp_m_LU_solve		solve a linear system using LU decomp

matrix abstractions

pdp_m_inverse		compute matrix inverse


cellular automata

pdp_ca			computes a cellular automaton (as a generator or a filter)
pdp_ca2image		convert a CA packet to a greyscale image (obsolete: use pdp_convert)
pdp_image2ca		convert an image to a CA packet (black and white) (obsolete: use pdp_convert)

3d drawing objects
3dp_windowcontext	a drawable window
3dp_draw		draw objects (cube, sphere, ...)
3dp_view		viewing transforms (rotate, translate, ...)
3dp_light		light source
3dp_push		push a matrix (modelview, texture, ...)
3dp_dlist		compile a display list
3dp_snap		copies the drawing buffer to a texture packet
3dp_mode		set the current matrix mode
3dp_toggle		set some opengl state variables

3d drawing abstractions (pdp_opengl)

3dp_mouserotate		connect to 3dp_windowcontext to rotate the scene
3dp_blend		turn on accumulative blending mode
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