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May 21

I'm noticing a series of what I'm going to call hiccups in minim's Oscillator class. Its not an all the time thing, it is a little worrying. Periodically the frequency of the oscillator does a swoop upwards, if it happens often enough (several times in quick succession) the audio in the sketch fails. I think it may depend on how the “portamento” is set for how quickly the oscillator can change pitch. More later. Sketch in question


May 27

So now that I'm trying to interface Arduino and Processing, I've noticed a host of minor issues. The Serial library that comes packaged with Processing has proved to have some issues in its event handling method. The problem I think may just be even more basic, in that the java runtime just isn't timely enough to handle time sensitive communications with the Arduino. Either way here's a picture that helps illustrate the problem.

As you can see there isn't much of a pattern going on. The code is here for Processing, and for Arduino. Ideally there should be a '1' followed by a 'g' evenly all the time. Every time Processing receives anything on the Serial line it should trigger the serialEvent method to print a 'g' back on the Arduino over the serial line. So this is the current state of the data write utility. I have a bottleneck at the serial line…again.

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