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Just a starter sketch that demonstrates a brute force implementation of jMusic in Processing.

  • Test of array based composition and phasing. Fair warning though, since the drawing window won't load you have to listen to the whole thing and its a bit longer than I intended… UPDATE: Its my fault. jMusic provides a boolean toggle to tell the playback thread NOT to crash the thread that started playback. It is however turned on by default. jMusic JavaDoc entry

I've got a midi sequencer built inside Processing,here
Also since I'm supposed to be practicing Mercurial revisioning and all that, I added a public repository of this project at that includes archives of the full application (which includes a save function) and all of my source.

I've got a couple of new pieces running, mostly just more demonstration pieces.

These are a pair of apps that function together to generates notes randomly. The notes are sent from the KeySend program to the MidiReceiver that plays the note using the SoundCipher library. So far this is the most stable midi playback utility I've come up with. Which is to say that it doesn't suffer from the drawbacks I've encountered with GridMusic. My next goal is to scale this up to timed osc events to allow all of the data handling to be performed in a single sketch and the playback handled by another entirely. We'll see how it goes, but if it keeps working after 10 taps on the play button then its better than what I've got.

Drum Machine


jMusic has javadocs posted here.


Since I intend to butcher the jMusic library as I go, I'll try to make sure I post the carnage. So far I'm just using these builds as a test bed for making minor changes to the library to test my understanding. I'll be hosting my source here. A revision history and all that good stuff is hosted alongside the builds over at Google code as well.

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