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  • First, “slideshow” effect of student work
  • Image Processing: JJ mirroring effects
  • Example from Wiki: JJ rotation/translation of a 3d sketch (Getting ahead of the syllabus)
  • Example from Facebook: Interactive distortion of webcam image (ahead of the syllabus)
  • Audio: sound generation using Ess, birthday song
  • Example: JJ Canyon effects
  • Video: Object tracking in video and webcam feeds
  • Networking: OpenSoundControl requires understanding IP address, port numbers, client-server architecture
  • Tomliar final project - Pd/Processing/OSC
  • Results: students enjoy working with these environments (quotes)
  • Big picture results: mixed
    1. enrollments: 3, 4, 6, (what's next value in this sequence?)
    2. only 2 art major/minor (physics/CS/math still dominant - to be expected)
    3. CS 101 experiment this summer (quotes)
    4. cross-pollination is happening (CS/Physics in Art, 3+ Art in CS)
    5. interdisciplinary projects in Arduino, Fractals, Music from Video
  • Auditioning student work
  1. Duke's Pixel Inspector (Screenshot only, use application)
  2. JP Green Tut2_1, Tut2_2 (not online yet)
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