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Multimedia Workshops

Jim Bowring (CofC) suggests a workshop aimed at how Processing/Pd are used in the Multimedia Computing course, potentially at the next T=VC2 conference.

Bill Manaris (CofC) suggests a Pd workshop for students at CofC. He also thinks SIGCSE would be open to such a workshop. This of course would be targeted at the Multimedia Computing crowd.


  • wiki page for developing the workshop materials, hopefully in concert with Greg Pond
  • wiki page for interacting with workshop participants and open to the outside world

Patch Examples and Improving via Abstraction

The initial patch developed by James Carlson to generate notes in a pentatonic scale is a fine starting point for developing a non-trivial patch which can then be improved. Here are some improvements:

  • Add a table/array for the tones in the scale
  • Switchable controls for the tone generator (currently tied to a vertical slider)
  • Figure out a way to simplify sending frequencies to the pkstoneware (ftom on one end, mtof on the other)
  • Wrap the top and bottom parts into a subpatch; hopefully the midi sends can be abstracted as well

Pd-extended Docs Project

Pd-extended (version 0.39.3) is an installer package for Pure Data and popular externals (including gem, osc, zexy, etc.) from the Pd CVS repository. The Pd-extended installation page is at Pure Data Downloads. The set of externals included in this package is given below.

After several days of trying, I have been unable to locate a single source which lists or just summarizes the abstractions that are provided in the externals packaged with pd-extended. I am going to make a “just in time” description of the externals I intend to explore as needed. As of today (2008/03/12) the externals we are most interested in exploring are gem, pdp, pidip, osc, and flext. References to documentation on each external will be added to the list below as they are discovered.

Some docs and tutorial material can be found in the pd-extended installation tree.

The installer includes a file which describes installation and the included versions of each package or external. This list is reproduced here:

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