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Scholarly Research Project for Easter 2009

This outline describes the current plan for creating CS 276 class libraries for use with Processing. If time permits, we create Pure Data patches as well. This document is subject to revision at any time during the semester. Note that the time alloted is 70 hours of actual work time. We will complete (at least) the activities described below.


This project is funded by the Center for Teaching and we are responsible for producing a narrative of the project as a way of accounting for our funding. My expectation is that we will take advantage of the structure of the wiki to document what we are doing as we go. See Reporting below. Also skim this example (more of a diary, but worth considering): Sara's Research Diary


  1. Study the How To documentation for creating new libraries for Processing
  2. Install and study the interactive tools in the JES environment from Georgia Tech (description)
  3. Make a list of each existing Utility algorithm, Pixel Inspector candidate (one in text), and text examples. We'll brainstorm on these and decide which to include in our libraries

Project Development

Preliminary list of project development tasks:
- Create a Utilities library containing simple example code for returning pixel color, tints, basic mirroring, etc.
- Create a class to load files, possibly by file type (to be used by PixelInspector, SoundExplorer, etc.)
- Create a library for PixelInspector
- Develop a class to compare images for audio and image steganography
NB: we'll practice early design and unit testing for each of these projects


  1. Specific tasks are listed in the TODO section as we get to them
  2. Report any issues/questions as a link from the item in TODO or as a paragraph under the item
  3. As tasks are completed write a summary on the Reporting page and as a link from the item in TODO
  4. In some cases we'll need to post example code on the CS 276 Wiki
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