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2/4/09 - The First Report

So this is the first report. I have been working on three things mainly:

  -Creating a PixelInspector with file selector 
  -Creating a 'Propaganda' poster for display in the hall
  -Looking through Proccessing changes and stealing ideas from JES to create some utilities

Let's start at 1! I need to figure out exactly how we want the PixelInspector to work. While researching for file selectors I found two cool things. The first is the selector that I am currently working with here. The other cool thing that I found was this little guy. It is nothing too epic or interesting, but just a nice way to get stuff into your sketch folder quickly. However, back to what needs to be figured out… So far I have it so that when you click anywhere on the window that it opens the file selector. Do we want to have it as a certain keystroke, button, magical key? Or do we just want it to open the selector as soon as it can? When we have selected the file, do we want to reshape the window and display it immediately? I think that the most logical thing to do is just have it prompt to load an image first and then show it. However, is that helpful towards the environment and circumstances that it will be used in?

Number 2: Found out the dimensions for a poster are 42“ by however long you want. Nick Hollingshead and Rachel Petropolis both recommended using Powerpoint to create whatever needs to be printed. *Note: They said that outputting the Powerpoint file from a Mac creates a low quality print. Be sure to print from a PC.* After creating a rough draft in Powerpoint, I have found that it is hard to create something colorful and cool. I plan to talk to Nick and see if we can't do something in Photoshop. However, I know not to waste too much time on this project.

Numero tres. Not too too much has changed with the new Processing 1.0. The way that the libraries work is a little bit different. However, I have found it to be a bit more friendlier, and a lot easier to manage. On creating libraries, they (Fry and Reas) recommend using the eclipse template, found here. Not too much to report here. The new graphics are heck-of snazzy!


Created a discourse account for Sewanee. The username is Sewanee and the pw is cs276rocks (Easy enough, right?).
Wasn't able to find anything more about the Tools API so made a post asking about it. Will update if I get answers.
After speaking with Dr. Carl, we narrowed down some of the questions I had about implementing a PixelInspector.
(Don't have those notes beside me! Will update again when I grab them out of my room.)
After doing some snooping around I found that yes, you can resize an applet as it is running.
That code will resize the window to width, height; However, ran into some problems. Here are two screenshots of the code being run.

As you can see, it doesn't correctly resize to the values given.
Haven't been able to find anything about this in the forums yet. Will continue searching.
I have also created the two posters for CS276 and just the Computer Science one. *Remember to ask Dr. Carl if these will work or if they need to be tweaked a bit.*
proclib:276pic.jpg proclib:pic1.jpg


Here is where we are. We have a pixelInspector almost done. We have taken Dr. Crafts PI and cleaned it up a little bit. We divided the code into tabs and created a new PixelInspector class so that a PI can be created on a single line. I have successfully exported it as an application. It was pretty easy. I have only had the opportunity to check it on a Mac, though. When you cancel the file selector it just closes the whole application.

Some of the problems that still need working on: When you select a .JPG vs. a .jpg it gets mad. I have only used Swing components in a certain context. Not 100% sure on how to use them here. Need to make sure the PI opens to a certain width so that all of data gets displayed. Need to throw exception if you don't load an image file.

Once I have successfully added the buttons, I will start turning it into a library. One thing that should be known about exporting an application. Some of the video components won't work. (Should keep in mind for future CS276 students.)

Other things that have been going on: We successfully applied for the Ledford Grant. I submitted everything digitally and then we also mailed in a hard-copy. No word yet from them. Ok, so that was really only one thing. However, I thought it should at least be documented.

Things I need to get an update on: CS display. Right now the monitors in Spencer are off (no way!) so nothing is getting shown. Do we need to work on a poster of some sort still? What other utilities can I start working on?


Here are the things I marked off of TODO today:

  - What happens if the user selects, say, a .doc file or worse?
  - Add a "select new file" button so we can switch images
  - Look into making this a stand-alone application
  - If no image file is selected by user pressing cancel, either quit or show an empty (all white or even black?) image space.

If the user selects a file that is not an image file it throws up a default image and lets them know that they didn't pick the right kind of file.

I added a “Select New File” and “Quit” button.

Creating an application out of any sketch is a breeze. Under “File” you can export the sketch as an application.

If the user does not pick any file then the whole thing just quits.

I looked into making the sketch a tool. However, I am not sure how to get the draw to work. I was unable to find any other tool source codes . Also, the dev for tools has been updated. It now contains the information that can be found in the Resources/Java/tools/howto.txt.

Here is a picture for your enjoyment!


  1. Numbers for the bar graphs should be visible (!) so move to a more appropriate space
  2. Display the total number of pixels in image

I have moved the numbers below the bars. Additionally I made sure that it opens to a minimum width so that everything can be seen, even with small pictures. I also started making it into a library. However, the whole being a java library thing came up again. So that is something that needs to be worked out. The total number of pixels and title have also been added and show all of the time, not just on the very first draw called.

Bugs and Workarounds

-Bug reports go here. Use strikethrough (as in strikethrough) to mark off bugs as they are killed. Do not delete reports for fixed bugs!

-Dev for tools is still MIA :-\ *Remember to continue to bug/check for it!*


February 17, 2009
Because Processing does not have the same “active workspace” as JES we can not simply create a PixelInspector and then pull it up with a one-liner like pi.getImage().
Using Processing as it is will only allow us to include the creation of a PixelInspector in a sketch and running/using it as part of that sketch.

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