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New tasks and items to explore will be posted here periodically. When a task is complete, write a narrative description under that item and state your results there, or link to Report. Note that you can use HTML to link to specific places on a page (as in <a name> tags).


  1. Numbers for the bar graphs should be visible (!) so move to a more appropriate space
  2. Display the total number of pixels in image
  3. Make it a tool
  4. What happens if the user selects, say, a .doc file or worse?
  5. Add a “select new file” button so we can switch images
  6. Our first priority is making this a library - but also look into making this a stand-alone application
  7. If no image file is selected by user pressing cancel, either quit or show an empty (all white or even black?) image space.


  1. Select images/screenshots and combine with a narrative for a poster! Initially a wiki page, or Word document, or PowerPoint, or Photoshop. Anything that can be made big.
  2. Poster title should be What is Multimedia Programming not What is Computer Science
  3. The poster text should reflect the title change…also use a screenshot of Audacity or something and mention audio and video in the text as well as Photoshopping
  4. Imagine and discuss a demo sequence either PowerPoint or using Processing itself to create a slideshow / demonstration
  5. Select student projects that could go in a kiosk, hopefully interactive

Preliminary / Review

  1. Study the How To documentation for creating new libraries for Processing
  2. Install and study the interactive tools in the JES environment from Georgia Tech (description)
  3. Make a list of each existing Utility algorithm, Pixel Inspector candidate (one in text), and text examples. We'll brainstorm on these and decide which to include in our libraries
Just notes and things to remember
  1. What all needs to be included in our library?
  2. Start working on code for image differencer.
  3. Do we need to start getting our feet very wet with the built in sound library?
  4. Think about display on a computer of some sort
  5. Consider how library of utilities would be implemented into curriculum and design them around that
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