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 +===== Properties of the Processing Window =====
 +The Processing window is a PApplet, an extension of the Applet class. The complete documentation can be found at http://​​reference/​core/​javadoc/​processing/​core/​PApplet.html
 +=== Window Size ===
 +There'​s a workaround to make the window the same size as the picture you're loading:
 +  PImage myImage = loadImage("​Image.jpg"​);​
 +  size(myImage.width,​ myImage.height);​
 +  ​
 +  image(myImage,​ 0,0);
 +  ...
 +It doesn'​t look like we can resize. There is a resize() function, but it only resizes the pixel map and not the actual window. ​
 +According to the documentation,​ the size() function: "​Starts up and creates a two-dimensional drawing surface, or resizes the current drawing surface"​. This only works as a bad hack, though: the window needs time to initialize (anywhere from 50 to 250 milliseconds). If you call size twice before then, it'll resize the window. Otherwise, it won't resize.
 +If you put it inside of a frame, you may be able to add a ResizeListener and resize the window, but it's a bit too complicated to be practical.
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