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The HCG diet plan helps millions

The latest diet plans. Ineffective holistic supplements. Pricey surgeries. Americans have struggled for decades to lose weight in safe, efficient, and sustainable ways, but have been stymied at every turn by difficult regimens, high-cost procedures, and low-quality, unnatural weight loss aids. Though diet and exercise are effective tools for long-term weight loss, they do not deliver the quick results that raisemetabolism and reward positive fat-burning habits. There is, however, one weight reduction product that can.

Over the past fifty years, Dr. Simeons’ research into HCG has provided a revolutionary weight loss strategy for millions of overweight Americans. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a glycoprotein hormone naturally created by the human body, simultaneously unlocks fat-burning metabolic pathways and suppresses hunger to achieve unrivaled results. HCG minimizes loss of lean muscle while maximizing the breakdown of fatty tissue, leading to several pounds of excess weight loss during the first week of use alone. Over time, HCG permits men and women to attain a healthy, maintainable weight without sacrificing either diet or lifestyle.

Unlike prescription drugs or synthesized supplements-which often come with an array ofunpleasant side effects, such as irritability, intestinal discomfort, and bloating-HCG is one hundred percent natural and does not result in upset stomach or other digestive symptoms. Its mechanism of action is to encourage lipolysis-the burning of fat-by pushing the body to draw calories from its own store before resorting to calories available in food. As a result, men and women on the HCG diet eat less, use fewer calories available in the food they do consume, and convert those calories into energy more efficiently as their metabolisms shift into high gear.

Until recently, HCG was only available in the form of pricey and painful injections. Even after the advancement of oral HCG drops, low-concentration solutions of HCG-so-called “homeopathic” HCG products-caused customer backlash in the market by providing consumers with non-therapeutic levels of HCG. This is due to the mistaken belief in homeopathic medicine that lower quantities of active ingredients are more clinically useful than higher doses. Now, however, full-strength HCG products are commercially available in the United States, making rapid and long lasting weight loss a reality for millions of struggling Americans across the country.

HCG exemplifies the cutting edge of twenty-first century dietary and nutritional science. There is no longer any need to resort to crash diets, chemical cocktails, strenuous training routines, or pricey medical procedures to burn fat and increase energy. Instead, by harnessing the natural power of the human body’s own hormones, it is now possible to enjoy rapid, organic weight loss withoutradically altering diet, daily routine, or overall lifestyle. HCG oral drops are far and away the easiest and most effective way to shed excess pounds-and keep them off forever. Don’t wait. Start losing weight today.

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