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-====== HW1 Problem 3 ======+===== Welcome! ​=====
-In parallel computing, a barrier ​is a type of synchronization method. A barrier ​for a group of threads or processes in the source code means any thread/​process must stop at this point and cannot proceed until all other threads/​processes reach this barrierThe barrier ​is blocking threads/​processes from continuing execution until all the other threads/​processes reach this barrierMany collective routines ​and directive-based parallel languages impose implicit barriers. For examplea parallel do loop in Fortran with OpenMP will not be allowed ​to continue on any thread until the last iteration is completed.+This is the portal ​for the Sewanee Collaborative Education site This site is a [[wp>​wiki]],​ which makes it possible for multiple users to maintain ​the website pages collectively using nothing more than a web browser In practice, this means that instructors ​and students can work together on many different types of projectsfor example: 
 +  * web presentations 
 +  * digital media collaborations 
 +  * documenting results from experiments 
 +  * sharing articles and links to relevant course materials 
 +Anyone interested ​in having their course or other project hosted here, or getting your own DokuWiki installation,​ contact <<​tobedetermined>>​. 
 +To see projects currently hosted here, go to [[start]].
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