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-To get Sonia up and running: sound-response

-Saving sound files doesn't work:

  • Writing AIF files freezes.
  • The WAV files it produces are unreadable by most programs. They can be opened with Sonia, but they then appear to be empty.

-Sonia tends to truncate sounds on playback. If you stop a program while it's in the middle of playing a sound clip, the next run of the program will only play a portion of the clip. You can see this in “Opening_Sounds_and_Manipulating_Sounds_8_2_1_Sonia” from Chapter 8 (you can remove the “for” loop to get rid of the clipping). You may also notice that in every run, the beginning of the clip is cut off.

-In Sonia, the array of samples is more difficult to access, and the indirect access undoubtedly makes it more resource-intensive. However, like in ESS, this matrix makes most of the examples very similar to those in the book. You can resize this matrix, edit it, etc.

-Like in ESS, Sonia's array of samples is made of floats, where the book uses ints. You have to watch out for clipping, and you may have to prep the book's sample clips (make the min -.5 and the max .5) before you can use them for examples like increasing volume.

-There is no equivelant to “playNote()” in section 10.6 (same as ESS).

-Sonia was able to load all of the book's WAV files, but failed when trying to load different types of WAV files. No support for MP3.

-Sonia seems to work quite well when exported to an applet: you don't have to worry about putting the sound files in the same folder as the applet (it's included in the .jar file), and there seem to be no problems. It appears that truncation problems disappear when you export to applet?

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