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-The Sewanee Collaborative Education Wiki 
-===== Hosted Collaborative Projects and Coursework ​=====+==== Hosted Collaborative Projects and Coursework ====
-[[Computer Science Research]]+[[pd-l2ork:​Pd-L2Ork Collaborations]]
-----+[[tasc:TASC Collaborations]]
-[[cs276:Computer Science 276 Wiki]]+[[media:Digital Media]] 
 +==== CSci Research and Courses ====
-----+[[deptnotes|Computer Science Program]]
-[[cs356:Computer Science ​356 Wiki]]+[[Computer Science ​Research]]
-----+[[CS Independent Studies]]
-[[pd-l2ork:​Pd-L2Ork Collaborations]]+[[CSCi course wiki pages]]
-----+==== Miscellaneous ====
-[[tasc:TASC Collaborations]] +[[Idea Factory]]
- +
----- +
- +
-[[media:​Digital Media]]+
-----+[[ccsc:CCSC Southeast Regional Conference]]
 [[philo:​Test Drive]] [[philo:​Test Drive]]
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