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GridMusic TODO

  • new ControlGroup for Instruments: for now, provide two choices, Default and Random
  • main window should resize along with Grid
  • modify writeSequence (in Control.pde) to output notes in LilyPond format
  • test readability of fonts on different systems/monitors
  • add expansion notes to Grid display

SequencePlayer TODO

  • Modify to accept either .seq or LilyPond format
  • Option to play directly or output via OSC
  • program to convert .seq files to LilyPond format and back again


  • send musical parameters to external sound generator using OSC
  • consider stripping out Minim calls and use OSC by default; targets will be Pd, a Minim-based program (either Java or P5), and ChucK initially


  • experimental idea: run any 1D cellular automata on Grid and sonify it
  • networking as suggested by Perry Cook
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