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Summer 2010 Workload

  • Algorithmic Composition (NftML, course materials for AI, course materials for CS 276)
  • Port jMusic AC classes to Processing (library)
  • Read! Johanne's Pd electronic resource
  • Open GL Unit for CS 276?
  • Learn iPhone for interactive 1/f music generation
  • Paper: Inroads (Update Pond&Carl or Minh's text)
  • Paper: Crossroads student paper
  • [COMPLETE] Blurbs for course web pages
  • [COMPLETE] Develop new CS 270 work
  • [COMPLETE] Arduino ↔ USB
  • [COMPLETE] CS101 Custom Text
  • [COMPLETE] Studio 64 on laptop [AND REjECTED - Use PureDyne instead]
  • [Mostly COMPLETE] Convert sound projects/examples to MINIM
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