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  • Connect the tracker to the polywavsynth by dividing (hard-coded, bad) 1.0 intervals into 20 intervals of 5, mapped to pitch
    1. two versions (or two instruments?) one mapped to x, one mapped to y
    2. map to both?
  • ask Lane to modify planet
  • send goldanim to all as example
  • Run through Pd Drums tutorial
  • Update patch pages with better screenshots; add commentary
  • Add screenshots to tables/arrays tutorial
  • Make first cut at a tracking patch - DONE
  • Size and timeout limits for loading media have been increased, but the size of video clips still poses a problem - Dave suggests compressing the clips
  • To do this we need to specify what format are they in now, and what the target size (both file and image size) will be.



Project 1: Visual Melody

 a. single simple object (bird? critter?) will move around the screen; 
 b. vertical axis = pitches of scale, range? division of screen?
 c. horizontal axis = sustain and possibly also modify filter band
 d. layered with a constant beat/background 
 e. NEW! edit Pd patch and consider ways to do note-off for a single legato line
 f. NEW! Consider how to get data into the patch

Project 2: Oceanic Squares/texture from brightness

 a. ocean video in pixilation, spectrum white-dark blue
 b. read brightness of screen using average? or dominant brightness? (i.e. greatest %)
 c. lesser % (i.e. contrasting color) could control other parameters?
 d. music will be sustained pad with interesting/changing timbre
 e. video: increase the contrast and intensity of colors
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