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Number One - Click the image to see the sketch

Number Two

I decided to modify the Frame differencing code. My overall idea was to split the canvas into two, and attempt to do two different effects to both halfs of the video. I left the upper half alone and modified the bottom half into what I believe was a cool blue tint. I was not necessarily looking for an effect that equaled that of Golan Levin, but wanted to see if I could create my own effect with the tools he provided in his original code without too much modification. I was slightly disappointed with how simple my effect turned out, but it is very interesting to see how he was able to create the differencing effect in his code. I am inclined to believe that it would be easy to recreate my tint code in a much simpler manner and I will try to do so. What I think is the coolest part of my code is when there is no movement, the top half is completely black but the bottom half shows what the webcam sees.

Number Three - Click the image to see the sketch

Number Four

Number Five

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