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Fun PD Program

There are basically two programs in this Patch: one that creates white noise and one that creates brown noise. The white noise program is almost identical to one of the examples in the PD tutorial. Both programs work by holding a given note until the user requests a new note (or until the user selects “off”). The brown noise generator is of my own (messy) design. It has some major flaws. Namely, it does not choose notes from a scale. I chose units that would create notes roughly a step apart, but it is not exact. (I was going for an Impressionist sound). Also, for some reason, during my testing the “melody” has a suspicious tendency of wanting to wander down more than up, so it usually ends up going to low.

Here is a picture of the program:

Fractional Noise

You can download it here. Sorry it's a zip file. For some reason web-browsers tend to interpret it as some kind of funky text file so I zipped it to force it to download.

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