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Working with Grid Music using Mercurial

The Grid Music project is stored in a code repository using the Mercurial distributed revision control system.

The code repository is at

A guide to setting up and getting configured to use bitbucket can be found at Bitbucket 101.

To get the current version of Grid Music from bitbucket issue the command hg clone Note: you must be registered with to clone Nels' project.

Common Mercurial Commands

Invoke Mercurial from the command line using the hg command.

To add new files to an existing local repository: hg add files…

To commit a set of changes to the local repository: hg commit -m “description of changes” Note: this command will automatically handle all files that have been added or changed since the last commit.

To push a tested set of commits to the bitbucket repository: hg push

Note: you must be registered with to push changes to Nels' repository.

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