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Pink Movie


  1. Has the potential to be awesome.
  2. Looks really snazy.

problems: (Other than not quite working?)

  1. I cannot get the note durations to work out right. I imagine this should be handled by PD somehow, since trying to handle it on the Processing end just isn't working.
  2. For a long time I was doing such a good job documenting every little thing… And then it stopped. I really need to go back and clean up the code. I doubt anyone will be able figure out remotely what I was thinking from it. I kept changing what I was doing, so there's probably some spare variables floating around too. :(
  3. There might be others… There seems to be some curious looping going on, probably residual from my attempt to force my will on the note lengths. Anyway, I am a bit tired to figure it all out now.
  4. In fact, I just thought of one. The movie clip is a *.avi so it may not play nice with macs. Hopefully you can plop something else in instead if it doesn't work. It's rather large, so I am uploading it separately. (That way you can download it or not at your discretion)

Well, here is pinkMovie. And Felix:Felix! (It was easier to put it onto Arthur than upload it directly to the Wiki).

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