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Cleverwhorl's GridClient piggybacking on tracyam0's “PinkSounds” independent study


Sorry this one is going to be a little quick and dirty for the moment. I'll come back and clean up later. Grid Client has its own bitbucket now! If you are a follower of cleverwhorl, then you may already be able to see that. Other than that, the project has moved a bit, and some basic generative functions have been added to the GUI. This may be the point where I move it over to a different sound engine as well. Minim has served well, but its time for this to sound like something other than Mario. I'll post more later, as I plan to host a couple of executables on the bitbucket, and it would be really great to be able to provide links to those here. I'm thinking a windows exe, and a mac app for the moment. If you want to build it yourself, don't forget to make sure you have the latest versions of ControlP5 and Minim's 2.0 Beta.

Link to Repository


Alright, so this is my first progress report piggybacking on both Annie's existing work and my internship. I have been going through some of the pink noise work Annie has done and I have begun building audible examples using a really cheesy midi engine built out of the current minim v2.0 beta. Some of the structure of this test is based on (loosely) the algorithmic composition tools presented in Andrew Brown's soundCipher library. This demo operates using a series of hot keys and generates a sequence of note/duration pairs. The sequence can then be reversed, or reversed and this version appends the modified sequence of notes to the original expanding on original melody. I've also added at the prompting of John Ingram to add a method for stepping through the note sequence one at a time. Enough about a features list. You can play with it Sequence Demo. I am sorry, but at the moment there are no pretty pictures to look at while you play, but I'll try and get some up in the near future.


Well… It looks pretty. That must count for something, right? Okay, still needs a lot of work. Here goes: pink movie.

12/14/10 (Afternoon)

Some things seem like such a good idea in theory… Anyway, I wrote a Processing sketch which sends a 1/f melody and variations to PD (in midi values). I had hoped it would sound better. Also, the fact that I am so much more comfortable with processing than PD is really starting to show… Especially when you look at the lengths I went to make processing handle as much as possible (including note lengths).The zip file contains both the processing files and the PD file. Well, here it is:

12/14/10 (morning)

I did some cool 1/f stuff. So now I need to figure out how to apply it to the movies.

You can find my notes and a link to the applet here: 1/f.


Brainstorming for final project.


Finals started here.


Figured out how to convert file formats for videos so that OpenCV can run them.



11/18/10 (Roughly)

Did some research on 1/f noise. Found some papers by Clark and Voss, but looks like Martin Garnder's is probably the best bet.

11/11/10 (Roughly)

This was probably when I installed OpenCV and got it running on my laptop.


Updates to Paper Summaries.


=) =) =) Nels!!! You are a genius!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. =) =) =)

My webcam now talks beautifully with Processing. I haven't played with it beyond running a few of the examples, but I think using JMyron will solve a lot of problems. Also, just for good book-keeping, you can download JMyron here.


I read the Computer Vision chapter from my processing book today. (The text portion only–the code currently will not run on my laptop). I also fixed the Fun PD program page so that you can download the PD program I wrote.


Spent 1.5+ hrs trying to get Processing to talk to my webcam, but without success. Gory details can be found here. On a brighter note, I finished Kirby's paper and wrote a summary for the summary page. I also worked through section 2.2.1 of the PD tutorial. Lastly, I wrote a kind of Fun PD program inspired both by the tutorial and my reading.


Started PD tutorial. Played with several before finding the correct (and much more useful) tutorial. For reference, this tutorial can be found here. Worked through section 2.1.1, but did not create anything life changing. However, may need to change audio settings, because right now the audio sounds awful.


Began reading the stack of papers. Paper number one finished! Also, took the GRE subject test today (for better or worse).

Paper Summaries


Exploring Sierpinsky Carpet in more depth.

Sierpinsky Carpet


Got back in one piece from the SACNAS conference! (Not actually relevant, but I thought I would mention it anyway.)


Made the Progress Log look all pretty, installed Pure Data on laptop, and then passed out.


Experimented with fractals using Processing. Created three versions of a Sierpinski Carpet inspired fractal design.

Plain Version

Colored Version

Evil But Cool

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