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Progress Log


Here's the Sequence class where I experimented with the getNextNote() method. It currently has two rough versions.


Okay so I created two more classes. One is for the general Transcendental function, called the TransF class. The other is the complex-value based function, but it needs more work I think. That's the Complex class. Also played around with Processing. Loaded the converted code that Dr. Carl sent, and decreased the increment value of r to a lower value. The diagram looks better now I think, more like the one on the CMT paper page 6 sideways. Here's the new Processing sketch for Client_CMT


Created a CMT_Polynomial class which extends Polynomial. This class focuses on creating expressions of the form 1-rx^2. Created Clients for both Polynomial and CMT_Polynomial classes. The latter one creates a Bifurcation diagram.


Read through page 19 of the Chaos Melody Theory paper. Started working on the Polynomial class, hope to be done by tomorrow. :)


Read through most of the AI Methods for Algorithmic Composition paper. Googled a bunch of terms and people to get a better idea of what is described. Still confused about some of the topics, but hope to spend a bit more time to finish reading it and to find out some more about it.



Unofficial start to the CMT project. The basic idea is to study Elaine Walker's NYU master's thesis on Chaos Melody Theory (CMT) and add this new method for sequence generation to the GridClient framework. -spc

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